Times have changed and a new era has begun for the Telugu Short Film Industry. If we rewind a couple of years, we can notice that there were very few short films around. But now, there is an explosion in that number. Youth with passion for acting and directing have created their own opportunities by making short films.

Although we have so many short films releasing nowadays and their creative work is clearly visible but the perks they make is very less. There are lot of small firms that do their business on short films. These firms buy the short films from the makers and then encash it by uploading it on Youtube through their channels but they pay very less to the makers. Due to this, the actors and technicians of these films are unable to get financial muscle to pursue their creative interests. On other hand they get benefited by the promotion these small firms do it for them.

A film maker is unable to earn the actual value for his short film but he seems to have no better option than selling it to a firm because that is a feasible way to earn at least a little. Although one is unable to make their own image, few short film actors have made their way right into the TFI after a bumper hit in the short film industry. And few of such hits were assisted by these business firms, nevertheless.