Shootings Strike: Producers Playing With Fire?Telugu film industry had arrived at a consensus to stop all film shootings from tomorrow.

The Telugu film chamber of commerce which did not support the decision of the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild (ATFPG) initially finally bowed down to the pressure.

All the shootings including those under production will come to a grinding halt from August 1st (tomorrow). The strike will be on until a resolution is found for all the problems.

Most issues of the industry at least in the case of the big and medium-budget films will be traced to the increase in the cost of production which is indirectly related to the remunerations of the stars.

So, no one can be sure if that can be achieved. But then, this strike will give rise to a new problem for the industry.

After the flurry of big releases back to back, all the backlogs of the stars have been cleared. Earlier the star films used to come at regular intervals. That would sustain the interest of the audience and keep their ‘theater-going’ habit.

After the biggies this year, the audience do not have the motivation to go to the theaters and as a result, the small and medium-budget films began to suffer.

Now, in case this strike goes for quite a few days, the notable films that are lined for Dussehra, Diwali, and Christmas will be postponed until next year.

Even though there are films ready to feed the theaters. The audience will continue to stay away from theaters with no worthy star films to watch.

There is a danger of them getting habituated to the OTT and keeping away from the theaters.

In such a case, the market for medium-budget and non-star films will be in further danger.