Ram Charan shooting photos

With the remake of Zanzeer still in shooting process, the filmmakers are coming up with many interesting places to film the movie. Most recently, actors Ramcharan  and Priyanka Chopra were seen at the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad with a bunch of crew, filming the famous and powerful hospital scene from the original movie.

Regarding the location of the shoot, a source said, “The Zanjeer unit earlier planned to shoot the crucial dramatic sequence in another hospital of Hyderabad. Upasana protested, and insisted that they shoot at Apollo. ‘How can you shoot in another hospital when you’ve the best available?’ she argued. No one argues with Upasana, most certainly not Ramcharan. So we decided to shoot the sequence at Apollo making sure that the news of the venue didn’t go out to the public.”

The public were really thrilled with the presence of the stars and flocked to the shoot in crowds. “It was like a rally for big-time politicians, the kind of crowds that big politicians attracts at his election rallies,” said an eyewitness.