Comedian-Manobala-Passed-AwayVeteran South Indian actor, Manobala has sadly passed away earlier today. He predominantly worked in the Tamil film industry for over 5 decades and has a great bonding with many in the industry.

Manobala had been suffering from liver-related for the past few weeks and had been hospitalized for the said duration. He was being treated at a private hospital in Chennai and had been on extensive treatment.

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Manobala, 69, sadly succumbed to the medical condition and he breathed his last today. The exact cause of his death is yet to be declared.

Maonbala started acting in Tamil films in 1970 and had been active in the industry ever since. Sadly, he succumbed to the medical condition that he had been suffering from for a while. He is survived by his wife Usha and son Harish.

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In his sprawling career, the veteran actor worked on over 300 and even directed 24 films. We wish strength and solidarity to his family in this hour of crisis and sorrow.