Shocking rumours about Balakrishna!

Tollywood’s Sher Khan is now no more and the total industry is still in shock. Jubilee Hills Road-45 (His house located there) is filled with a big human sea as his fans and celebrities thronged to pay their last respects to him. However, the absence of Nandamuri Balakrishna became a talking point. Some websites published shocking news about the actor’s health and a long standing disease as the reason for the absence.

But here is the reason. The actor married off his daughter few months ago. According to Hindu customs, parents of a bride/bride groom should not visit any house of death nor should they console the family. If they did, it may cast bad time for the couple according to the belief. That is the reason for Balayya’s absence at the event. So, Nandamuri fans can stay relaxed avoid any rumors related to this news spreading on web!