shocking-arjun-reddy-tamil-remake-varmaa--shelved-to-be-reshotIn a shocking turn of events unanticipated by even the hardcore naysayers of Arjun Reddy Tamil remake, the movie has been scrapped. Yes, you read that right, Varmaa won’t see the light of the day, and none other than makers have confirmed it through an official press note.

Right from the beginning when Varma was announced with Bala as director, many felt Arjun Reddy was not in the senior director’s terrain. It is a different kind of film that required a separate sort of aesthetic. It was proved in every publicity material that came out. The teaser was amongst the most trolled upcoming films. It was the reason why the release was pushed from December to February to an unknown time.

People were already prepared to reshoot scenario, but the makers stumped everyone. They are going to reshoot the entire movie from scratch with a new director and team. One only wonders how the final output might have turned out to take such a decision.

Dhruv Vikram, son of Vikram, is making debut with Varma. It would be without any doubt heavily scrutinised. Imagine, Varma, turning out to be a total dud? That would have been a killer blow to Dhruv on arrival itself. Sometime there would be no recovery from that stage. Keeping all that in mind, maybe the right decision has been made even though money wise it would cost the makers nightmarish situation.

Let’s see how the new team looks like which is supposed to be true to the original in spirit. The makers have also promised a June release which means the two Arjun Reddy’s remakes will arrive around the same time. We have to see how that goes.