Nithiin-Bheeshma---TRP-RatingsIn what can be termed as yet another shocker, young hero Nithiin’s February release Bheeshma has proved to be a disaster on the small screen. The family entertainer had its premiere recently, and its ratings are out, now.

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Bheeshma has got a low TVR of 6.65. It is the kind of numbers one expects from the repeat run. To have such numbers on the world premiere itself is the shocking thing.

It was the same case with Prabhas starrer Saaho recently when it premiered for the first time on Television. It can up with abysmally low ratings. Now, Nithiin has joined Prabhas in the embarrassment.

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However, in both cases, it can be said that they premiered after a long gap post-digital release. It is more so in the case of Saaho. But, Bheeshma too gets the benefit of the doubt. The more curious factor will now be how it holds in repeat run in the future. There have been a few films that disappointed on the premiere but later showed a steady run.

Venky Kudumula of Chalo fame helmed Bheeshma. It was doing well theatrically before its run was cut short by the lockdown. Nithiin is now looking forward to the release of his next film Rang De.

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