Shocker: Kamal Is Not the Hero in Indian 2?Shankar’s Indian 2’s history is kind of close to the people’s hearts for its content portraying freedom fight and the Senapathy’s fight against the corruption that prevailed as a pain in the lives of the citizens. So is Kamal as the Bharateeyudu close to the people in that role and now Indian 2 was expected to show us the same Kamal again but we may be disappointed now.

To go with the latest update on the film, Kamal will not be playing the lead role that goes all over the movie. Apparently, Kamal’s role won’t be a long one like the one in the first series, and a young hero will be playing the lead role filling the shoes of Senapathy.

This is a definite shocker and a disappointment to Kamal fans who are waiting with all their hearts for the Kamal’s performance again as the Indian. And if a young hero is in, there is going to be a huge change in the cast. It will be very interesting to see who that lucky guy is to get Shankar’s eye on.