Shobu Mocks Prabhas' 84 Acres Villa in Jubilee HillsRecently, a reputed publication house wrote an article about Prabhas‘ lavish villa in Jubilee Hills. According to the article, Prabhas’ villa is spread over an area of 84 acres and is reportedly estimated to be around Rs 60 crores. They published this article with the title, “Prabhas’ lavish Jubilee Hills farmhouse spread over 84 acres oozes Adipurush actor’s simple taste.”

Baahubali’s producer Shobu Yarlagdda took to his social media account and quoted this article, and mocked it by saying, ” Times Now, Really? Do you guys have any idea what 84 acres in Jubilee Hills even means? I guess your reporters can write and publish any garbage and tag a celebrity name to it ! And how can “lavish” and “simple” be in the same sentence!”

In Jubilee Hills, the land rate is approximately 1 Lakh per sq. ft. That means an 84-acre villa will cost around 36,000 crores, and in the article, they mentioned that Prabhas bought it for 60 crores.

As Shobu rightly said, many of these reputed publications also write articles without any research or knowledge, and a sizeable number of readers also believe such news is true. Netizens are making fun of the publication by quoting and retweeting Shobu’s tweet.

Prabhas’ fans are thanking Shobu on social media for exposing such fake and absurd news.