shobu-yarlagadda-Acharya-Ram-Charan-ChiranjeeviShobu Yarlagadda of Arka Media, who produced epics like Baahubali, recently gave an interview where he tried to analyze the box office performances of recent Telugu films.

Shobu said that the audience has become completely unpredictable in the last few months. Big-scale well-made films like RRR and KGF did well, but others fell flat on their faces. He said that the most shocking thing was Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan’s Acharya not even getting an opening.

Shobu said that these days unless people get very excited by the promotional material of the film, they are ready to wait for a month and then watch movies on OTT. If the films fail after the weekend, it is understandable, but films not even getting an opening is a serious issue. He added that things are worse in Bollywood, where even Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn films are opening to empty houses.

Shobu said that comedy films like Jath Ratnalu and DJ Tillu did well because they were movies that could only be enjoyed with a full-house audience. He also added that serious drama films are finding it tough these days as people are not ready to come out of the comfort of their homes to watch them in theaters, which might be the reason for the disappointing business of films like Acharya and Virata Parvam. He also said that there is too much supply in terms of content which could be another issue for audiences are being very choosy.