Shivatmika-is-Super-Sharp-Bundle-of-Talent---Krishna-VamsiOnce, working with director Krishna Vamsi was said to be like a learning school for an upcoming actor. Now, his glory is an all-time low, and he needs to definitely shine with a solid story.

His next ‘Rangamarthanda’ has got a heroine, and she is Rajasekhar and Jeevitha’s second daughter ‘Shivatmika‘. He called her super sharp bundle of talent. She will be seen playing a lovely and lively daughter in the movie.

Though her debut movie wasn’t a successful one, she earned brownie points for her performance. It took some time for her to come up with her next.

However, Krishna Vamsi’s fame has faded and it has been a long time since he came up with something really interesting. His last movie ‘Nakshatram’ was a complete washout. Will he come up with something really memorable for the star daughter?