sivam movie trimmed 20 minutesSometimes producers try to make up for the damage that has been already done by seeing that they are going to minimize the losses. The makers of Ram’s ‘Shivam’ also had to make a decision to make the film crispier and shorter in a hope that the film would seem entertaining.

‘Shivam’ is trimmed by 20 minutes by the makers of the movie. This weekend, ‘Shivam’ couldn’t set the ticket counters rolling with mixed talk and poor reviews on the film. Don’t know if this could really change the fate of the film at ticket counters.

It’s not only ‘Shivam’, many films had undergone trimming recently after mixed talk, but none survived the mixed response from the audiences. Once the damage done, it’s done and do you think trimming of a film to revive the talk that has already spread? Let’s wait and see if ‘Shivam’ proves to be any different.