Hero-actor-shivaji-special-status-andhra pradeshAfter his missed attempt of hunger strike to fight for special status for AP, actor Shivaji has moved on and came up with a pamphlet war on BJP not granting special status to AP and the alleged facts behind the conspiracy on AP. This time, Shivaji directly attacked the BJP leaders for speaking against special status and going back on their word.

“I’ll give you one month time. If you don’t do anything regarding getting special status to AP, then I’ll take up non-violent movement in front of BJP MP’s residences. If you try to kill me, I’ll take a life with me,” warns Shivaji. He compares the injustice the Finance Commission has done to AP (population 5.3 crores) by granting only 22,000 crores whereas it granted 42,000 crores for Himachal Pradesh (population 80 lakhs).

He asks, if centre had granted Rs.1000 crores for the construction of the capital region, this would only suffice to lay roads up to 500 kms. Then how can such meager funds help to build capital city?

Shivaji released a pamphlet during the press meet and announced that the text of the pamphlet which discusses the injustice done to AP in detail will be made available in social platforms and also on YouTube. While taking directly on BJP leaders, Shivaji backed Naidu, his attempts to construct the capital city and also his efforts to sail along in the present financial crisis.