Actor Shivaji is one person who is not known to hold himself back and says what he wants to say out in the open without bothering about the reactions. It wasn’t a surprise then that the actor was the first to come out with an open response on the political entry of Pawan Kalyan. He expressed positivity on the approach of Pawan Kalyan and liked his way of questioning and was vocal about it too.

Now, post Pawan Kalyan’s meet with Narendra Modi, he seems to be not so happy, like few others, and as expected hasn’t held back in expressing it. The actor at a function recently took a satirical dig on Pawan Kalyan stating that he was confused what Pawan Kalyan stands for. One cannot be at the same be a Left Wing Che Guevara follower and then extend support to the Right Wing BJP party as well. This stance on both ends is a confusing one, he quipped. Let’s see if the actor finds any answer at the meeting tomorrow.