Shivaji blames TFI celebs for their ignoranceTelugu-Tamil bilingual film ‘Seesa’ is being congratulated for being ‘the Guinness book of world records’ material. If something like this was attempted in Hollywood, our celebs would have gone to cameras by themselves to praise the movie says actor Shivaji.

He doesn’t blame anybody here in TFI but says that people here just watch on, thinking ‘somebody might have come up with a film of 10-15 lakhs if it is shot with single shot’. They don’t come forward to praise such a novel and creative attempt here implies Shivaji.

The entire movie is shot in single shot and hence the unit is hopeful that it would create extraordinary response. Besides the Guinness record, the actor thinks that it is going to connect with the audiences well. He is confident that the story is strong enough, just not for records.