Shiva_Nirvana_DirectorShiva Nirvana started his career with successful films like Ninnu Kori and Majili. And then, in the middle of the pandemic, he directed Nani again in Tuck Jagdish, which was released directly on OTT and turned out to be a disaster, which hurt his reputation as a director.

Post-pandemic, Shiva Nirvana collaborated with Vijay Devarakonda and his past heroine, Samantha, for his next project titled Kushi. Just when things were looking good for Shiva Nirvana, Samantha’s health issues became a roadblock.

The film was supposed to release during Xmas 2022, but it got stuck after completing a few schedules due to Samantha’s health condition, and there is no news as of now as to when it will go on to floors again.

Shiva Nirvana wanted to remove the flop tag given to him after Tuck Jagadish and was looking at Khushi as a re-launch for himself. But his career is also stuck with Kushi now as he can’t move on to his next project before its release.

He wanted to prove himself all over again with this film and set up a bigger project next time. But all his plans went for a toss.

Vijay Devarakonda also wanted to squeeze in a quick movie to wipe out all the bad vibes of Liger and re-establish himself as the lovable hero. Samantha, too, was looking forward to this film to get back into the romance zone, as heroines doing romantic roles last longer than other genre heroines.

Kushi, as of now, has become the reason for their sadness rather than joy. Let’s hope after its release; it spreads some real Kushi on their faces.