Shirtless-Yash,-Holding-Him-in-ArmsKGF Yash has two lovely kids who have been filling his days for most of the time these days. Actress Radhika Pandit, Yash’s wife shared some memorable moments in the form of a video and a pic.

While we were bowled over about Yash’s shirtless pic holding his seven-month-old baby boy in his hands looking at the tiny tot admiringly, we were even more impressed with his adorable daughter, little Ayra.

In the video shared by Radhika Pandit, the eighteen-year-old baby girl was seen rocking her baby brother while cradling him on her tiny legs. It was a moment to behold when the cute girl tried every way possible to make her baby brother smile.

Such pure bliss to see the Baby Ayra and the baby boy! Yash and Radhika Pandit must be enjoying capturing memories with their little kids. Don’t miss watching Ayra rocking her baby brother, folks!