Sri-Reddy---Sekhar-KammulaSri Reddy is turning drama queen day by day and like Rakhi Sawant in Bollywood, she is trying to pull many big names into the murk. The latest name was Shekhar Kammula alleging dirty things on him, implicitly.

We are now wondering why did Shekhar Kammula even respond to her filthy comments. One doesn’t even expect a director of his stature respond as it will give unnecessary coverage to Sri Reddy. She seems to be enjoying the coverage she is getting and hence, continuing the game.

Shekhar Kammula warned her to take back her comments and even threatened to file a police complaint against her for maligning his dignity and name. He told that he is a person who lives and dies by values. But then, will this sensitiveness even reach her ear as Sri Reddy is in a state of delusion enjoying all the attention and controversies.