Shekhar Kammula Ends Saranga Dariya Controversy in StyleSaranga Dariya‘ folk song has been in the news for two reasons. The first one for the chartbuster status it has got overnight and the second one due to the controversy that was raised because folk singer Komali’s objection for not approaching her for the song.

Once and for all, Komali met Shekhar Kammula through her ‘Rela Re’ director Suresh who made her meet the director and resolve the issue. Issuing a video statement along with Kammula, Komali said, “I expressed by angst through various media channels that I must be the singer of the song because I was the one who brought our the song.”

” Now that Shekhar Kammula gave me assurance that he is going to give me chance in one of his next films whenever there is a chance for a folk song, besides making me sing the song at the pre-release event of ‘Love Story’. I’m happy to end the controversy once and for all.”

Shekhar Kammula too clarified that the controversy happened due to communication gap and he is going to fulfill everything that he has promised through his Facebook post. Good to see that the director took initiative to solve the controversy before it turned murkier and even the folk singer to brought the song into light is satisfied, now.