Trailer Talk: Murder Mystery With A TwistSenior hero Rajasekhar’s Shekar is up for release on the 20th of May. The trailer of the film was unveiled a short while ago and it promises a murder mystery with a peculiar twist.

Rakasekhar is seen in a rugged avatar and he carries a serious demeanor through the course of the trailer. He plays a cop who is supposedly on duty even after retiring. He sets out on a mission to nab those involved with the murder of his ex-wife and also of a series of crimes in the area. The twist in the tale and the hookpoint are to be seen on the big screens.

The trailer is compelling enough to hold the attention. Murder mysteries tend to click at the box office only if the emotional core is strong enough and the suspense and thrill factor surrounding the same is effective. This is the challenge Shekar will be facing following its theatrical release.

Shekar is directed by Rajasekhar’s wife, Jeevitha Rajasekhar and it is up for release on the 20th of May.