Teaser Talk: Senior Hero In Unusual Avatar And GenreShekar teaser starring actor Rajasekhar got unveiled a while back. Teaser which is close to a minute, gives a serious vibe right from its opening scene.

The scene opens up with some murder mystery but more weightage is given to Shekar, the titular role played by Rajasekhar. Who he is and what his character is revealed only through bits and pieces.

Billed as an investigative thriller which is an unusual genre for the senior hero’s pick. After the debacle of his last outing, Rajasekhar seems to be cautious and picking subjects only suitable to his age. Apart from the interesting visuals, it is Anup Rubens terrific BGM that stands out.

What the plot is and more to the character of Rajasekhar could only be known further in the trailer. At present, the audience is given a glimpse of him being a headweight cop who is off duty. The film is directed by Jeevitha Rajasekhar and their daughters – Shivathmika and Shivani are one of the producers of this flick.