Shekar Screenings Stopped After Court OrdersSenior hero Rajasekhar‘s recent theatrical release, Shekar is facing a tough scenario. The City Civil court has ordered to stop the screening of the film.

Going into the story, the screening of Rajasekhar’s Shekar are to be halted from 4:30 PM today, May 22 till further notice.

The City Civil Court has ordered to cancel all the shows of Shekar, citing the attachment of the total negative rights of the film. There is a financial dispute which has triggered the same.

Shekar has Rajasekhar in the lead role and it is directed by his wife Jeevitha Rajasekhar. Following the court order, Rajasekhar took to social media to claim some people have conspired against the film and stopped the screenings.

“Shekar Is everything for me and my family. We worked very hard to bring this film to the audience. Just out of spite, some people have conspired and stopped our film from screening. Cinema is our life, this film especially was our hope.. I’ve run out of things to say. | can only hope that this film will eventually get the visibility and appreciation that it truly deserves” Rajasekhar added in the letter.