Shekar: Rajasekhar’s Best Bet!Senior hero, Rajasekhar is one actor who is very motivational despite all his personal problems never backed out from doing films. His personal life has been a roller coaster ride since COVID.

His latest presentation is Shekar which is the official remake of the Malayalam hit Joseph. The film is releasing on the 20th of this month and the team has managed to get the attention.

The film is a proven remake and is also a story-driven subject. On the other hand, Rajasekhar also went through a lot of health issues recently and there is a soft corner towards him from the audience.

Rajasekhar’s get-up has also suited him well and if the film works for the target audience, that is all he needs with this film. Last but not the least, the film is coming out with a free window as Mahesh Babu’s SVP slowed down big time.