Vijayendra-Prasad-alia Bhatt - RRRThe other day, Bollywood Diva posted throwback pictures of her enjoying in a pool as a kid and later as a grownup at a beach. Ever since she tweeted those pictures, #AliaBhatt has been trending in all social media platforms including Twitter. This is going to be a huge advantage the actress brings to RRR.

She is the most popular heroine in Bollywood today and her character in RRR will help the movie big time in North markets. A few days ago, in an interview, RRR writer Vijayendra Prasad spoke very high about Alia Bhatt’s character in the multistarer film.

“Yes, I saw the film. It’s very nice. Alia Bhatt is the surprise package of RRR. Her screen time is very less but we will see her in every scene,” the ace writer said. This is very interesting because Vijayendra Prasad did not mention anything about the main stars and went on to say about Alia Bhatt.

Giving the weightage she carries in the film and her popularity, we can be assured that she will be the biggest asset to RRR especially in the North markets when it releases