In films it is no big news when lead actors lip lock for a scene in their film. These kind of scenes became so common that, people aren’t talking much about them these days but still lip locks make headlines. For any new comer, such kind of headlines surely give a platform to grab eyeballs snd become the talk of the town. One such lip lock is Allu Arjun heroine Deeksha Seth’s lip lock with him for her debut film ‘Vedam’. Speaking on that lip lock Deeksha said she did the scene as per the demands of the script. Moreover her parents were next to her during the filming of the scene. The actress still shares a good rapport with her Telugu debut hero Bunny.

Now when her first Bollywood film ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ is gearing up for release, Deeksha is one happy girl who got messages congrajulating her on the release of her debut Hindi film trailer from her Tollywood friends. Bunny messaged her that the trailer was looking good. Manchu Lakshmi personally made a call and said she is proud to see Deeksha in the promo. Even Prabhas and Ravi Teja too appreciated the promos wishing her all luck in Bollywood. Legendary Raj Kapoor’s son Armaan Jain is making his silver screen debut with this film. All the Kapoor family kith and kin are busily promoting the film and are with him. Lucky Deeksha!