Samantha-Akkineni---Oh-babySamantha is exploring herself as an actor with each film as she says and she has been even dubbing for herself for the last couple of films in Telugu and people appreciated her effort too. For the cheeky role that she played in Oh Baby, she could have spoken for herself in the film but apparently, she didn’t let Sam do it.

The film which was done by a dominating number of women crew has got Nandini Reddy to direct it and it was Nandini’s straight call not to have Samantha’s voice for Baby’s role in the film.

Speaking in an interview, Sam said her voice was too thin to match the slang and base of a 70-year-old lady and Nandini felt it would be better if Sam is not telling it and that is where Chinmayi took back her charge to speak for the actress.

Well, Chinmayi’s voice has always been an add on to Samantha’s performance it worked the same way in Oh Baby too which is coming on 5th of July with great expectations.