SharwanandDirector Maruthi delivered a hit film with Mahanubhavudu with Sharwanand who played the role of a man with OCD. Again, Maruthi got similar genre film, Brand Babu which is for release next week. He did not direct the movie but has written the story for it.

After watching the trailer, there came a buzz that the story was actually made for Sharwanand which Maruthi just clarified. He says that he didn’t write Brand Babu for Sharwanand at all. This script was solely made for the producer’s son and expressed his satisfaction that the makers are super happy with how the film came out.

It’s indeed a good decision of Sharwanand not taking up another character based film Brand Babu, right after Mahanubhavudu, as it would have felt monotonous to the audience going the by the trailer.