Sharwanand Turns 39Talented actor, Sharwanand turns 39 today and M9News first wishes him a very happy birthday. Here’s a brief look into what awaits Sharwa.

Sharwa’s most recent film, Oke Oka Jeevitham was an average farer. But what it did is being Sharwa out of the slump and gave him a breather. He needed it the most as he was rattled by consecutive disaster that bought him negative attention and also bombed at box office.

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Right from the start of his career, Sharwa prioritised content films but went off track in the middle. He’s had a decent restart with Oke Oka Jeevitham and the onus is on him to do such organically novel films that cater to his section of audience.

Sharwa still has a decent enough image to attract the family audience and also a section of the youth. He needs to consistently deliver good content in order to enhance his reputation amongst the audience.

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Now, Sharwa has this lady lunch factor as he recently got married. He can see this as a restart to his career and develop the habit of doing good content films that made him what he is. Sharwa appears to be aware of the same. Will he be able to deliver the goods? We shall see. But for now, we wish him a happy 39.