Sharwanand is not going to mend his ways!

Some people seem to be born only to work hard. How hard they work, success always seem to be a distant dream for them. One such actor is Sharwanand. The actor puts in lot of hard work and always selects films with inherent message in them. His movies get good name for him and but the most important commercial success is always evading him.

Several good films like Amma Cheppindhi, Prasthanam, Gamyam, Andari Banduvayya got him good name and awards but not money. But the actor seem to be in no mood of relenting. He reportedly okayed a film by Krishna Madhav who made an award winning movie, Onamalu with Rajendra Prasad. In all prbability this is going to be one more critics movie. Lets hope Sharwa gets commercial success this time for a change!