We have already mentioned earlier how the movie Baahubali is smashing all the previous pre release business of the movies out of the park with its record business. So far all the areas barring Nellore and East Godavari have been sold. Now we are slowing getting details about who has bought which territory and for what price.

It has been revealed now that actor Sharwanand along with his friends has taken the Uttar Andhra rights of the film for a mind boggling price of 7.20 Cr. This has been a surprising revelation as its only recently that the actor admitted to making big loses on his debut production venture Ko Ante Koti. He said that he would be extremely careful with the way he spends his money in future. Wonder what prompted him to enter this movie distribution.

What it also highlights is the kind of frenzy Baahubali is generating in the trade and industry alike. Everyone wants to be part of the upcoming sensation. They all want to have a pie of it. One cannot help but wonder if at all any kind of thought is being put into all these numbers, for only an Industry Hit of epic proportions could generate any kind of profits to the distributors.