Just when people thought it’s all over and the film is ready to hit the screens finally, it seems a roadblock has struck once again for director Shankar and his magnum opus, Ai (Manoharudu). The exact reasons are still not known but the film is now certainly out of Dushera race and a similar fate awaits for Diwali as well. In fact many even say the film might not release this year at all.

Manoharudu has been in making for few years now. It was expected to take time considering its mammoth scale but it has surpassed even the wildest expectations now in terms of time taking, in the current age of technical advancements. This is certainly bad news for fans of the director and hero Vikram, as it was only a month ago talks about an audio release and discussions about possible release dates were being discussed. Of course, no matter what the media says it is a speculation based on sources or not and it’s the director who knows the reality. Can there be a turnaround in the last minute even though the major holiday slots are already booked?