Shankar Takes 2.0 VFX to a Whole New LevelIt’s already become evident that Shankar’s ‘2.0’ is going to be very heavy on the VFX effects as the film belongs to science fiction genre. The latest we hear that the director is going to take the VFX of this Rajinikanth starrer to an entire new level. How?

He is going to recreate the visuals and exotic scenic locations of Ukraine for a song in the film with the help of VFX effects. Why? Can’t the team go to Ukraine to shoot for the song naturally? No, they can’t. It’s because of the health condition of the superstar. Hence, the director decided for VFX effects of Ukraine instead of shooting there.

So, he shot the romantic number on Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson in Chennai and then with the help of this VFX he will be changing the backdrop of the song. Well, Shankar is anyway going to show us Ukraine in ‘2.0’ without going to the country in reality.