Did Director Shankar Make a Mistake Akshay Kumarany of our star heroes get entangled in a framework that is termed as ‘image’ and when they try to do something to come out of this framework, they might face a negative result as audiences might not be able to accept these actors doing something different from their regular image.

When Bollywood star hero Akshay Kumar was roped in for essaying the main antagonist for Shankar’s ‘2.0’, they had the Bollywood audiences in their minds as Akshay Kumar’s inclusion would cater to the tastes of North audiences and gives a wider reach for Rajinikanth‘s sci-fi movie.

It was fine up to this part. A new dilemma crept up when the truth dawned upon the makers of ‘2.0’. Akshay Kumar has a clean image as a good citizen who stands by the laws of the country and a thorough patriot. Whenever he attempted a negative role, he was rejected by the audiences.

This is a big concern as f now and it is learnt the makers are planning to soften Akshay’s role a bit and give it a sympathetic touch to his character. But, that seems more like a forced opinion as audiences accept things when they are said convincingly.