Shankar-Luring-With-All-Free-Tickets-for-'2.0'-MovieShankar is certainly trying to lure the audiences with free tickets for watching ‘2.0‘. But, don’t get trapped thinking that the free tickets are for the watching India’s costliest movie ever made. The makers of 2.0 are going to unveil the teaser coming on Vinayaka Chaturdi, i.e., on 13th September.

So, those who are interested in watching the 3D version of the teaser wearing 3D glasses can give a missed call to 9099949466 to book their free tickets and watch it in one of the closest theatres that were selected for screening. Hope, all this hype is going to be worth it as this new style promotional activities will escalate the cost of production, further.

So far, for Indian films story comes first. The other things like the gimmicks in the form of VFX works and stellar star cast add on top of it. Now that the makers had begun the promotions with a bang, hope this long-delayed mega-budget movie will not disappoint. Eagerly waiting for the teaser to do some unexpected magic.