Shankar Gave up on Rajamouli?At one point in time, Shankar and SS Rajamouli were considered to be the best Indian filmmakers in the country. But post-Baahubali, Rajamouli has moved into a different league altogether and it was expected that Shankar will make films that will help him catch up with Rajamouli.

Shankar is right now busy with RC15 but he also keeps getting back to directing Indian 2 as and when he likes. He was supposed to direct the Hindi remake of Aparichithudu with Ranveer Singh. But due to the dismal fate of remake films recently, he has decided to drop the project.

Instead, Shankar has decided to make a 3-part film based on a epic book called Velpari. He seems to have got inspired by the success of Mani Ratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan in Tamil Nadu which was also based on a book.

A few years back Shankar was a trendsetter but right now it seems he is happy to be one among the many who just follow the trends. But going by his lineup and multiple projects, it seems Shankar has given up on the hope of catching up with Rajamouli’s excellence and is now content with making more films.