Shankar Facing The Blame For RRRRRR has registered an impressive Rs 40-crore 4-day run at the box office. It is evident that the Tamil audience are lapping up the film. There is now a complaint from the Tamil audience that Tamil filmmakers should take inspiration from Telugu biggies like Baahubali, Pushpa, and RRR, and make commercial films on larger than life canvas.

Interestingly, maverick Tamil filmmaker Shankar is facing the heat from the Tamil audience now. They are furious with him for not working with a Tamil hero for his upcoming big ticket project.

“While many Telugu directors have the skillset to make big canvas films, there are very few Tamil filmmakers who have what it takes to make films like these. One of the very few directors is Shankar. Regardless of Shankar’s run of form, he is capable of making big event films.”

“But he too has left Tamil heroes and picked Ram Charan for his next biggie, RC15. He might have anticipated a spike in Charan’s stardom after RRR and that could be the reason why he materialized this project even before the film’s release.” a Tamilian commented on Twitter.

Tamil audiences are already furious with their filmmakers for not conceiving big event films with their heroes. RRR’s blockbuster success added fuel to the fire. Now, they have identified that their best man for the job, Shankar has also picked a Telugu star hero for his next. They are venting out on social media now.