2.0-Crow-look-costs-3-4-crore-akshay-kumarEvery detail about Shankar and Rajnikanth’s combo ‘2.0’ is making headlines as it one of the biggest Indian project and all eyes are set on it. Talking about Akshay Kumar’s villain role, people are really excited about the crow man avatar.

Can you guess the cost of the crow man avatar? The makers are reportedly spending 3-4 crores for getting the scary look for Akshay Kumar as Crow Man. The transformation is really very expensive and hence the project is touted a grand one as every character is made to look very special in its own way.

Needless to say, the make-up for the look might have taken really long and reports say that the actor sat for 6 hours a day for the special make-up by special make-up artists under the supervision of celebrity make-up artist Sean Foot. Wow!