Shankar And Prashanth Neel Sailing On The Same BoatEver since the announcement of RC15, there is an intense, severe backlash for director Shankar from his local (read Tamil) fan base. It is similar to what director Prashanth Neel is going through for Salaar.

In both cases, the fans of the respective top directors want the said director to make movies with local (of the respective industry) talent and take them nationally. Why do they need to go for outside industry star is what they question?

The funny and ironic thing here is that when the news about Prashanth Neel broke out; everyone supported him barring the Kannada movie fans. It included the Tamil cinema fans, as well. Now, when it’s their turn with Shankar, they show similar behaviour.

The Telugu cinema fans, however, are thrilled with the development. They are waiting with bated breath for the respective projects involving top director Shankar and Prashanth Neel.

Prashanth Neel’s Salaar with Prabhas is gearing up for a second schedule soon. It is a rework of the director’s debut Ugramm.

Meanwhile, Shankar will get busy with Indian 2 soon. It is currently on hold and will resume shoot once the Assembly Elections in Tamil Nadu is over. It means, after April only. However, one is still unsure how much of the movie remains to be shot for it to be wrapped.