Nithiin ReddyBeing in the glamour industry has its share of nightmares. Linkups and gossips form the major part of those nightmares. Talking about his relationship with his wife Shalini, young hero Nithin shared and revealed somethings that we don’t know about her because she never was in the limelight.

According to an interview in the Deccan Chronicle, Nithiin revealed why his wife isn’t worried about linkups in the industry. It’s because they both have known each other for many years with their relationship evolving with love, trust and understanding; she is pretty aware of how the film industry works.

One thing that might surprise many was the way the duo celebrated their first Valentine’s Day after the wedding. No great romantic gestures and it was just any other day for the couple who got to spend some quality time with each other that day as both were at home.

With his romantic comedy ‘Rang de’ coming to the theatres on 26th March, Nithin says the plot of the movie is about relationship issues and that has got no connection with the real-life scenario.