shahid kapoor taking his wife mira rajput to shootingsMost of the celebrities try to cut jokes on their married lives and try to paint that they are one among the hen-pecked husbands. However, Bollywood young hero Shahid Kapoor isn’t one among them. After marriage, Shahid is mostly accompanied with his wife Mira Rajput, even to his shootings.

When asked about being spotted alongside Mira after marriage, Shahid’s answer leaves us in awe of him. He beautifully defended her saying that since she is his wife, Mira is independent to come to wherever she likes to come and experience whatever her husband experiences and vice versa.

The statement which wins him brownie points from his female fans is ‘My wife’s opinion matters to me regarding my work as much as my family’s and friends’ opinion’. There is actually nothing weird in Mira spending time with her husband and sharing his experiences.