Shah Rukh Khan PathaanBollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan is aiming for the most glorious comeback with his upcoming film Pathaan. The film is also trying the revive the fortunes of Bollywood which is in the doldrums. If the pre-sales are anything to go by then Pathaan is sure to break records left, right, and center.

The film is recording phenomenal advance bookings all over, despite all the negativity that was spread by some hatemongers due to their political agenda The boycott calls made headlines and some people in the trade assumed that people will not step out to watch Pathaan in theaters. But Shah Rukh Khan proved all of them wrong.

In the past when Laal Singh Chaddha was up for release, Aamir Khan apologized for some of the comments he had made in the past and requested everyone not to boycott his film. Salman Khan also changed the title of his film Bhaijaan to Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan when he got scared of the right-wing protestors.

But SRK is the last man standing, he is the last of the stars. He has stood tall against all the hatred and has established his supremacy. He proved that common people never doubted his loyalty to his country and they respect the love he has spread for India across the globe with his talent and magnanimity. They are ready to embrace his films if they are exciting.

If Pathaan gets favorable word of mouth from the audience, then the sky is the limit.