Jhoome Jo Pathaan SongThe hottest film in Bollywood right now is Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan. The film is a hot topic of discussion on social media, on news channels, and everywhere. After the release of the song, Besharam Rang, right-wing and BJP supporters have called for a boycott and ban of the film because Deepika wore a saffron bikini in the song. SRK fans have come out in support of the film.

But because of this mayhem, the song has crossed 100 Million views in less than ten days with more than 2 Million likes. The boycott gang has indirectly helped in giving much-needed publicity to the film.

Yesterday another song from the film, Jhoome Jo Pathaan, was released. The boycott IT cell members again got active and have been watching the song on a loop and are zooming in and out each part of the song to find something objectionable so that they can again start raising boycott slogans. As of now, they haven’t found anything that can help their agenda.

But in this process, the views of the song have skyrocketed. The song has garnered more than 12 Million views with 1 million likes in just 10 hours.

It can be safely said that this time the strategy of the boycott gang has backfired, and it has only helped to add popularity to the film and songs of Pathaan.