Shah Rukh Khan PrabhasShah Rukh Khan’s fans are cloud nine now, thanks to the blockbuster success of Pathaan. The film is nearing the mighty exclusive Rs 500 crore (only Hindi) club and is on course to join Baahubali 2.

Now, SRK’s fans have started a narrative to belittle Prabhas, saying their hero’s achievement is a bigger feat than that of Prabhas’s. They say Hindi people didn’t even know Prabhas before Baahubali, while their hero, SRK is doing all on his own with Pathaan.

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But even by this logic, Prabhas’s achievement packs a bigger punch. It’s true that Prabhas wasn’t famous in Bollywood then. And so was Rajamouli. They combined to deliver a box office monster that opened up a Rs 500 crore in Bollywood, a feat not even Bollywood stars had achieved till then.

It took 6 long years to even come close to Baahubali 2’s record and that in itself demonstrates the mass achievement Prabhas and Rajamouli conquered.

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Now, a Bollywood superstar like SRK coming with top production house YRF backing, and a native Hindi director, Siddharth, and Deepika Padukone all to come close to Baahubali 2’s record isn’t something for these Hindi fans to raise their collars about.

In every way, Prabhas’s achievement with Pathaan has more credence than SRK’s.

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