Shah Rukh Khan PathaanPrabhas’s Adipurush came under a whole lot of criticism over the poor VFX. The backlash was to an extent where the makers had to postpone the release and work on the VFX part.

Now, another Bollywood film is in the firing line over subpar VFX works. The film is Shah Rukh Khan’s action thriller Pathaan.

The trailer of Pathaan dropped earlier today and one of the main complaints about the same is the below par VFX.

Netizens opine that the action part is fine and so are SRK elevation shots but a lot of work needs to be done on the VFX. We see VFX scenes of jet packs, vehicle firing and stuff but they look tacky due to the VFX.

Netizens are commenting that the makers of Pathaan should’ve been more cautious at least after looking at the response the teaser of Adipurush got.

Another section is calling out the whole narrative as they point out how the female lead, Deepika, who claims to be a soldier in the film does so much skin exposing and seduces her counterparts.

All in all, while Pathaan teaser has satisfied action lovers to an extent, it is also being called out for a few flaws. The film is set for release on the 25th of this month, marking Republic Day eve.