sharukh fan girl find helpShah Rukh Khan loves having a digital presence and makes the most of it. He also seems to spend a lot of time on Twitter answering his fans. An interesting thing happened when one of his fans asked him to help ask a girl to his prom.

The boy, Sarthak Kher, tweeted to Shah Rukh saying ‘Sir please help me ask a girl to prom????’ The actor showing a great sense of humour replied wittily, ‘if I ask she won’t go with you….ha ha. Sarthak used this witty to-and-fro to get his crush to go out with him and amazingly she agreed. The boy conveyed this to the actor through a photograph on twitter but the actor didn’t see it for a long time until today.

He had some great advice for Sarthak and tweeted it to him. His words were, “treat her with dignity gentleness and love…and pepper it with a bit of humour.”