Close encounters with SS Rajamouli, the renowned director of Telegu films has revealed a very humble and kind side of his personality. Despite a long string of successful movies under his belt, Rajamouli, when asked about the secrets of his success, attributes it to teamwork. In his own words, “I don’t think about the audience while making a film and try my best to make a film which I would love to watch.”

Another thing discovered about this well-known director is his dedication to his work, both pre and post production. In fact, Rajamouli may be the only director, apart from Shankar, who gives so much importance to post production. And yet, he is never entirely certain whether his films would be received well or not. During the filming of the film Eega, Rajamouli said, “ I don’t know what the fate of this film is going to be. For all you know, it might be a flop.”