Since the state bifurcation, the settlers from Seema Andhra region are growing insecure about the safety of them and their properties. Cashing their fears, few websites have cropped up calling themselves as Settler Protection Units. These websites promise to build an army from settlers in Hyderabad who will in turn protect the people and properties of Seema Andhra in case of distress. They say these private armies operate even when Telangana governments get to full majority in the next elections.

Thousands of residents of Madhapur, Gachibowli and Kukatpally areas have received this information through pamphlets in their morning Newspapers. Bulk SMSes are also sent to many mobiles.It is said that two websites of same theme have received 1272 and 7,412 registrations each. But Cyberabad Police have registered cases on these websites for creating hatred and insecurity among people. Police are on a look out for the website owners and they will be arrested soon they assures.