The director of Eega (Makkhi), S. S. Ramajouli is all geared up to set camp in Bollywood. In a recent interview Ramajouli discussed all about his approach towards breaking into Hindi films and his views about remakes.

Ramajouli has decided to take a plunge into Bollywood with a Hindi-Telegu film with a universal story instead of star centric one, even as he wants to cast the Telugu star Prabhas for the movie. On his very late debut into the world of Hindi films, Ramajouli says that he never got very good offers until Eega.

On his views on remakes and secondary materials, Ramajouli says “I think there’s a very thin line between copying and adapting. I think its okay to use material from earlier films. As long as it doesn’t hurt the original creator we can use it. “In spite of this, as far as Hindi films are concerned, Ramajouli prefers to go for original. I’ll “No point in doing the same film twice over,” says Ramajouli.