Ram Charan - #RC15Ram Charan is all set to join another pan-Indian film RC15 in the month of September. Shankar was set to take the film on floors from September and complete the shoot fast so that RC15 hits the marquee in the first half of 2022.

However, here comes a setback for RC15, and the wait for Ram Charan fans maybe longer. Wondering what is the reason behind the delay? Shankar is entangled in a tussle with Aascar Ravichandran, producer of the Tamil film ‘Anniyan’ who is said to move High Court against Shankar for making the film in Hindi with Ranveer Singh without his consent.

For a long time, the verbose fight happened and both the parties – Ravichandran and Shankar refused to budge on their stance. Thus Ravichandran now plans to file a case in Madras High Court against Shankar and also Jayantilal Gada, the producer of the Hindi remake. If the court issues stay on the project of the shooting, then RC15 may get delayed.

The longer the procrastination, the release may get hampered. How things unfold for RC15 is awaited. If the delay persists, then Ram Charan would move on to some other project.