Seriously-Sri-Reddy-Raghava-Lawrence-Asked-You-to-Do-ThisWhile people are in a view that Sri Reddy’s chapter is closed, she is managing to make headlines now by touching the neighboring film industry stars. It is not long that she claimed Murugadoss to have sexually harassed her in a hotel, she took another big name of the Tamil industry and it is quite surprising.

Raghava Lawrence is a favorite of many in South Inidan film indistry. Not just for his work but also for his name of humble and helping nature. But, the shock of everyone, Sri Reddy posted a long message on Facebook stating that Lawrence asked her to show stuff.

“He took me to his room, he asked me to show my belly,that nd this, asked me to play with myself looking at the mirror.” And she went on painting negative on the dancer. Well, all of these allegations that she made on famous celebs have never been proved or condemned properly. Well, let us see if Lawrence has to say something about it. Phew!